He Hasn’t Brushed His Teeth In 20 Years. Can’t You Tell?

When you first see the photo of the man in this story, you’ll have a hard time believing that he is the person who is being spoken about in the title. By all accounts, he appears to be a normal young man from Great Britain. A lot of women might even go so far as to call him cute, but the truth behind his smile is far more sinister (and disturbing, to be quite honest.)

Once he opens his mouth, all of the goodwill that his smile generates goes out of the window. We wish to warn you about just how graphic this image is and urge our readers with weak stomachs to close the tab if they are worried about being sickened. Can you believe that Jay has never brushed his teeth once in his entire life? We cannot even begin to fathom such disgusting behavior.

He’s obviously never visited a dentist either and Jay claims that his parents never felt the need to teach him about the importance of dental hygiene. He developed terrible habits very early in life and his love of soft drinks only served to make matters even worse. Jay currently works in sanitation and believes that his teeth are holding him back from pursuing a dream career in physiotherapy or sports.

After all, how can he look someone in the eyes and tell them how to take care of themselves, when he does not even take care of himself?

Embarrassing Bodies is a popular show in the United Kingdom and they offered Jay the chance to get his teeth fixed once and for all. A full work up was done on his rapidly decaying mouth.

A CT scan revealed that Jay was going to have to lose at least eleven of his chompers. Implants were screwed in to replace them and we urge you not to look at the clip if you have any sort of phobias regarding teeth.

The entire process took a whopping five months and when it was finally over with, Jay had a smile that he could actually be proud of.

The before and after of his teeth is truly remarkable and it is a shame that such a handsome young man would let his mouth fall into a state of disrepair before finally deciding to do something about it.

Check out this clip if you’d like to learn more about the amazing journey of Jay’s teeth.

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