Hate The Sound Of People Chewing? You Might Have This Condition

The sound of another person’s chewing is one of the single most annoying things that we can experience and when someone feels the need to regale us with these noises, it is enough to drive someone completely up the wall. But did you know that there is an actual scientific reason why this drives us mad?

Science has finally pinpointed the answer to this all too common question and it is attributable to a condition known as misophonia. When translated into layman’s terms, it means “the hatred of sound” and while this principle is applicable to a number of other aspects of our daily living, it is typically applied to chewing related noises.

In addition to chewing, off key singing and whistling can also be added to this list. While you might be tempted to tell the person who is experiencing this phenomenon to simply get over themselves and move on, this only serves to heighten their unfavorable response and make matters even worse.

There are mild cases where the annoyance is minor and more severe instances where the person’s reaction to the chewing noises can lead to aggression, extreme rage and even suicidal thoughts. In order to deal with this condition, some people will even carry earplugs to stem the tide of unwanted noise.

The best way to correct the condition is by seeking therapy and there are no drugs that can be taken. Therapy groups have been established to assist those who are experiencing hatred of sound and with the proper medical assistance, this disorder can be managed in a positive manner.

If you or someone you know is experiencing hatred of sound, it is time to contact a medical professional so that a course of treatment can be established. In the meantime, please share this story with your friends and family members on Facebook, so that awareness can be raised about this issue.

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