He Bought A Steak From The Grocery Store, But Then He Notices This Inside The Meat

I had never heard of meat glue before in my life! But Greg from Ballistic BBQ gives us the “low down” on meat glue (a.k.a. transglutaminase). It’s a powder used by butchers and popular grocery store chains to “glue” different cuts of meat into large steak-like pieces.


The sad part is that many stores do not have to advertise the fact that the steak you bought was made using this glue. So technically you are paying a premium for bits and pieces of steak.

Transglutaminase is used in a lot of processed meats, such as hot dogs, as it makes all the bits and pieces of meat form together to make one.

The glue is a white powder made from pork or beef blood and acts as a clotting agent with the meat.


In the video below, Greg makes a “Frankensteak” reveals this scary process that butchers and restaurants use to fool you!

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