They heard crying at the bottom of a 20-foot well, the rescuers jump into action to save it

Animal lovers struggle to watch the creatures they love struggle with extreme pain and if you’re anything like us, it breaks your heart to see any animal suffer. For some, the suffering may even be enough to make them look the other way because they cannot bear to watch. Luckily, we have no shortage of true heroes who are not willing to look away….no matter what.

Animal Aid Unlimited is an organization located in India that works tirelessly to assist animals and they do so without expecting any sort of profit. They have spent the last 15 years doing everything in their power to alleviate the suffering of animals. When they received a recent phone call about a small puppy that fallen into a twenty foot well, they immediately sprung into action.

The citizens in the area did not know how to assist the canine and the poor animal could not seem to find any sort of foothold. If no one intervened, the animal would soon lose its strength and drown as a result. Ganpat and his rescue crew arrived to help the puppy before it was too late and a rope was fastened around his waist, so that he could be lowered down into the well.

A human chain was formed and the process of lowering him was performed in a very careful manner. Ganpat would soon reach the water and he was able to make his way towards the terrified animal. The little pup was scooped up and once Ganpat had safely cuddled the animal close, the rest of the rescuers wasted zero time pulling them back up.

The cold and wet dog was then swaddled in blankets and brought to a nearby vet to receive additional attention. From there, the dog was able to recover from the incident and become a fully grown animal with a very happy existence. Animal Aid Unlimited has come to the rescue once again and we shudder to think of what this dog’s fate would have been had Ganpat and his team not shown up when they did.

We are lucky to live on a planet where people are willing to do the right thing for animals that are in need. There are vital moments when animals who require help must obtain the necessary assistance from someone, anyone. A special shout out goes to the good people at Animal Aid Unlimited for taking the time and effort to ensure that this dog did not meet its maker at the bottom of the well.

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