He Heard A Noise And Saw 4 Dogs, What They Were Guarding Made His Heart Stop

Stray dogs are a major problem in America’s major cities and while there are many who do their best to help stem the tide, there are others who see them as a nuisance. They see these dogs as being anyone’s problem but their own and do not care what happens to them whatsoever. Cities in East India are certainly no different and they regularly struggle with all this too common issue.

While they try their best to handle the problem in a very humane manner, that is not always possible. But the infestation of stray dogs continues to grow and grow, much to the consternation of local residents. On one fateful day, a schoolteacher named Ulhas came across a group of four stray dogs that were hanging out together in the woods. The noise that he heard made his heart stop.

The sound reminded him of an infant’s cry and when he went to investigate the situation, he realized that his suspicions were correct. The four dogs had huddled together in an effort to protect a baby girl who had been abandoned. The newborn child had been under their care and when the dogs saw the man who had arrived on the scene, they instinctively knew that they had done well.

They knew that this schoolteacher was there to help. Ulhas immediately took off to get help and his neighbor Parveen gave the child some milk. The police were contacted and the baby girl was escorted to the hospital for treatment. The child was reported to have signs of jaundice, but the little girl is believed to be in great health and there is no risk of further damages.

The baby has named Sania, in honor of the day in which she was found (Saturday). The stray dogs are receiving all of the credit for the condition in which the baby was found and those who do not appreciate stray dogs are receiving a much needed crash course in just how useful they can be. If these dogs had not been present, the child’s life would have likely been lost forever.

Every living creature is very important and when you take the time to learn about stray dogs and all of the wonderful things that they do in their community. This story serves as a valuable reminder that you should never make the mistake of judging a book solely by its cover.

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