Here’s why you keep seeing photos of women making heart shapes with their breasts

We do not know exactly what is going on over in China, but these are people who truly seem to enjoy bizarre challenges. Living in a world where there seems to be a different social media challenge on a weekly basis is not always fun, but this is the sort of challenge that everyone should be able to get behind. Read on to learn more about the new social media craze that is sweeping the nation of China.

Weibo is a Chinese website that functions much in the same way that Twitter does. This trending topic is asking women to take photos of themselves using their fingers to create a heart shape with their breasts. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. This challenge is supposedly about showing off the flexibility in one’s hands, but we suspect the true purpose is a little more naughty.

The challenge has been dubbed the “heart shaped breast” challenge and if that isn’t one of the silliest things that we have ever heard! This challenge was kicked off by a woman who was hosting a live stream and when she utilized this trick to attract more viewers, the idea instantly spread like wildfire throughout Chinese social media.

Of course, some cheeky users had to taunt women with smaller busts and claim that they would not be able to compete. Some men are even deciding to get involved and while the idea of a man squeezing his chest into a heart shape might seem ludicrous to some readers, there are others who are enraged by the fact that other photos have been removed from social media entirely.

The original page where the trending topic was spawned is still able to be viewed as of this writing, but there is a certain sense that this challenge will not last much longer. Medical experts have expressed some level of concern about the challenges that have been taking place, as there are many who feel as if these types of trends serve to promote unhealthy body images.

What do you think about these types of challenges? Are you someone who sees them as harmless fun for everyone to enjoy or are you someone who thinks that these challenges need to start falling by the wayside? Pass this story along to your friends and loved ones, as it is definitely sure to start up a spirited debate.

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