Your Heart Will Melt When You See This Baby’s Reaction To Hearing Mom’s Voice For The First Time

The birth of a new baby is a happy and momentous occasion for everyone involved, but for Christy Keane’s little girl, Charly, that moment was bittersweet. While she was otherwise a perfectly healthy little girl when she made her way into the world back in August, the infant was also completely deaf.

YouTube / Christy Keane

Unable to experience the comfort of Mom’s voice after she was born, Charly’s world has been full of silence. But all of that recently changed. The cutie was just fitted with tiny little hearing aids in the hopes that they’d help her experience the world around here in a whole new way. When the devices were tested, everyone knew exactly what Charly should hear first: Mom’s voice.

Even though it was a few months overdue, Charly and her mama finally got to share that special moment. Although a little confusion at first was to be expected, the baby’s reaction to hearing her mother for the first time will warm your heart. Check out their first spoken interaction in the video below (and maybe grab some tissues while you’re at it).

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