Her son kept asking for two school lunches, realizes the extra one isn’t for him

For most parents, the process of packing a lunch for their children is relatively simple, as all they need to is ask each child what they would like to eat. However, for the mother in this story, this normal aspect of child rearing turned into an opportunity to learn more about just how special our kids can be.

Josette Duran had fallen into a unique routine with her son Dylan, who had begun to request two separate bagged lunches to take to school with him each day. While some parents might worry about their child, Josette decided to assist Dylan and provide with the extra meal.

When she finally got to the bottom of why he required the extra lunch, the answer she received just might break your heart. You see, there was another little boy in Dylan’s class and the child noticed that all he had to eat was one single fruit cup each day.

From there, it did not take Josette very long to determine the true reality of the matter: the mother of her son’s friend had fallen onto hard times and was homeless. She knew what the woman was going through because she had gone through it herself.

Once she had fallen into the habit of packing two lunches for her son and his friend, she would soon receive a phone call from the principal of the school. As it turns out, the boy’s mother had caught wind of the assistance that Josette was providing to her family.

If you would like to see what happened next, be sure to watch this amazing video and find out more about the effect that a simple good deed can have on a person’s life. Once you have finished dabbing your eyes, take time out to share this clip with your friends and family on Facebook.

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