Here’s What Michael Jackson Would Look Like If He Never Got Surgery

Michael Jackson is someone who is remembered by most as one of the greatest singers and dancers to ever live. He brought us a bevy of amazingly timeless hits that can still play on any radio station or dance floor to this day. However, the man himself suffered from a severe mental illness and was forced to endure a horrifically abusive childhood at the hands of his father.

A recent documentary aimed to place his life in proper perspective and let us know more about the fallen legend. The young Michael Jackson is how listeners typically prefer to remember him and the documentary strove to provide viewers with a closer look at the person he might have grown into had he not opted to alter his appearance in such a drastic manner with various plastic surgeries.

The little boy in the photo had no idea that he was about to embark on a journey to success. As he continued to grow older, Jackson struggled to control all of the demons inside of him and these demons caused him to question every aspect of his personal identity. Mental illnesses were still considered to be very stigmatized during this time period and his pain was not noticed.

As time went on, his appearance started to change drastically. It took several years and an untold sum of money, but the little boy that you saw in the photos above would become a man who was almost unrecognizable when compared to the child he once was. Would you like to take a closer look at what he would have looked like without all of the plastic surgery? Read on….

LaToya, Michael’s sister, says that he was initially nervous about surgery and was only going to get his nose done. He asked her to undergo the procedure first and when she loved it, he followed suit. From there, he would undergo various operations and each of them left him looking less and less like the little boy that we had all grown to know and love.

The 10 Faces of Michael Jackson is a documentary that aimed to showcase a more natural progression of his physical appearance and these results are absolutely stunning and very sad, to be completely honest with you. We wish that he would have known how beautiful he was inside and out while he was still alive. Please share this touching story with all of the Michael Jackson fans in your life.

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