Here’s Why Hollywood Won’t Cast The Actor Who Played ‘McLovin’

Christopher Mintz-Plasse burst onto the Hollywood by playing one of the most unforgettable roles in comedic history, slaying audiences with his portrayal of McLovin in the smash hit Superbad. Since his breakout performance, he has not been cast in very many roles since and audiences are wondering what has become of him.


While some still believe that typecasting is to blame or that he did something wrong to make everyone in Hollywood back away from him, the true answer is not nearly as sinister as you might think. It has been 10 years since Superbad’s release and he has still maintained a low profile.


You may not have seen him in many movies since Superbad, but you have probably heard his voice. He prefers to do voice work, as it allows him to steer clear of the limelight and he is well known to children everywhere for his voice over work in Trolls and the How to Train a Dragon films.

He’s a quiet sort of fellow who likes to hang at home and play with his dogs….what’s not to like about that? He steers clear of the tabloids and seems far more focused on being a good person than trying to make the headlines for the wrong reasons.


He is also very focused on establishing himself as a working musician and he has a band called The Young Rapscallions. As their fame has continued to grow, his attention has turned from auditions to gigs, so if you don’t see him on the big screen, just know he is having the time of his life elsewhere.

We are glad to see that Plasse has been able to transcend the McLovin stigma to maintain a vibrant career. Please pass this story along to your friends and family, so that they can also appreciate his new career path.

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