Here’s why you should always place an ice cube on your burgers

Summertime is definitely upon us and summertime is a time for grilling. There are few things that are more fun than spending a hot summer afternoon outdoors with your closest friends and family members. Throwing a nice, smoky burger onto the grill makes any summer day a better one and we are here to provide you with an intriguing hack that is designed to make your grilling experience even better.

If we could grill each and every day, we would be over the moon with happiness. But since we cannot make the time to grill on a daily basis, we like to locate awesome hacks that maximize our ability to enjoy ourselves. We know that you probably consider yourself a grill master of some kind and we are not here to destroy your own perception of yourself.

However, we do know that grilling isn’t easy and that in order to stay ahead of the game, you’ll need to learn more about the following tips. For starters, it is time ditch your dangerous grill brush and start using a crumbled piece of aluminum foil (with some tongs) to clean the grill while it is still hot. If you wish to cook up some skewers, be sure to soak the sticks in water to avoid excess flames.

To make your burgers as juicy as possible, use a pat of butter when they are placed on the grill. Those who wish to eat a little more healthy can place an ice cube on top of the burger instead. While this trick might not sound necessary, we urge you to trust and believe in us on this one. Achieving the absolute perfect burger is not always easy and that’s why tips like these are so important.

We do not wish to spoil all of the excellent grilling hacks that this video has to offer and if you would like to learn more, we urge you to take the time to check it out. Even the finest of grilling masters could always use a crash course, so don’t make the mistake of assuming that we already know everything that there is to know.

Once you’ve seen this incredible clip for yourself, don’t be shy about passing it along to all of the other would be grill masters in your life. They are bound to appreciate the multitude of helpful grilling hacks that are being presented.

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