High school wrestler loses the state title, then points to his opponent’s dying father


Mitchell McKee is your average All-American boy who enjoys participating in sports. He is particularly fond of wrestling and he does not allow this pursuit to get in the way of his studies. His grit and determination allow him to stand apart from the crowd but when his father received a cancer diagnosis, his dreams were placed in serious jeopardy.

Mitchell was slated to compete for a state wrestling title and for many of us, the idea of trying to summon a peak physical effort while your heart is slowly breaking is too much to fathom. Fortunately, Mitchell had what it took to conquer the moment and defeat his opponent.


While some opponents might have reacted unfavorably in the moment (and understandably so), Mitchell’s opponent Malik shocked the world with his reaction. Instead of offering a perfunctory handshake and heading back to his sideline to think about his own missed opportunity, Malik made a different choice.

He knew about Mitchell’s father’s condition and after the match was over, he walked over to the cancer stricken man to embrace him and offer some much needed words of encouragement. He did not tell anyone of his plans beforehand and said the gesture came from the heart.


Malik’s actions deserve some special kudos. Many student athletes would have been thinking of themselves at a moment like this, but Malik’s first concern was making sure that Mitchell’s father knew that he was loved by all and that he was in Malik’s thoughts.

Stories like these serve as a valuable reminder of the common decency and class that still exists in the sporting world. We wish Mitchell, his father and Malik all of the best going forward and you should definitely share this story with your friends and family on Facebook so that they can appreciate it as well.

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