Hiker went above and beyond to save a dying bear, despite risking serious jail time


When Corey went out for a hike in the Oregon woods, he never could have expected what could have happen next. During his hike, he encountered a bear cub that was in rough shape and from the looks of it, this defenseless creature had been pushed to the edge of death.

While most people would have left the bear cub to its own devices or been too nervous to help, Corey is not most people. The animal’s lips were blue and the poor bear seemed to have one foot in the grave. To make matters worse, it was pouring rain when Corey found him and his breaths had become very shallow.

93002-003Since Corey had been paying close attention, he found it worrisome that this bear was not in that spot when he passed it 30 minutes before. He did wonder if he should intervene, out of fear that he would be attacked by an overprotective mama bear, but his own parental instincts kicked in and he soon sprung into action.

He cradled the bear in his arms and brought the dying animal back to his car. Corey managed to avoid an attack from an angry mother bear, but the cub has stopped breathing and the outlook for this wounded creature had become very bleak.


Corey did not even stop to think about this urgent matter, as he immediately began to provide the bear with CPR. The idea of giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to a bear may seem silly to some, but for Corey, it was not an option that he would ever hesitate to consider.

The bear lived through the terrible because of Corey’s assistance and he named the bear “Elkhorn” as a way to pay homage to the area where he was found. If this story touched you in the feels like it did ours, take time out to pass it along to your closest friends and family members on Facebook.

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