Hikers Froze In Their Tracks When They Stumbled Upon These Strange Figures In The Woods

Whether you are someone who considers themselves an art buff or you are someone who has a more passing interest in these sorts of mediums, we can all agree that the best pieces tend to be those that have a more haunting quality. When a work of art is as mysterious as it is unsettling, these are the pieces that stick with us for the longest period of time.

While you would not typically expect to come across haunting artwork in the natural world, one Japanese artist has made it their mission to place a series of works in these types of locations. Nagato Iwasaki is a sculptor and artist whose pieces are typically found deep in the woods of Japan. They are inspired by the human body and they are constructed with the use of driftwood.

Sculptures this unique beg for closer inspection and while they may look relatively benign in the daytime, these eerie pieces evoke an entirely different reaction when they are seen at night. The longer you stare at them, the more fascinating they inevitably become. These bizarre sculptures would definitely frighten anyone who walked through these forests, especially those who are unsuspecting.

If the light hits these sculptures just right, they can even resemble a group of monsters prowling through the forest. These sculptures come in a variety of shapes and sizes and thanks to the painstaking work that Iwasaski puts in, they are all equally worthy of your time. Some of them have even been placed in the water, as a means of showing how the average person goes thru a typical day in the woods.

There are some who believe that the figures are supposed to represent zombies or even spirits of the forest. Some may even view them as horror film protagonists (or even antagonists). Sculptures like these may give some people nightmares without really trying to do so. They are also faceless, which certainly contributes to the very eerie feeling that they are designed to evoke.

The level of detail that has been put into these sculptures is incredible and the best part of all is that each of them is open to your own personal interpretation. One thing is for sure: you simply cannot deny the talent of this amazing artist! If you would like to check out more of his works, then be sure to visit his website. Pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones as well.

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