Homophobic and racists teacher fired over controversial homework assignment

Students at one Florida school were recently given a very unusual homework assignment, a homework assignment that required them to answer some questions that are completely and totally out of the norm for most students. We are shocked and appalled that a teacher would ever decide to hand this out to their students under any kind of circumstances.

The homework assignment asked kids to rank their level of comfort when it came to a variety of situations. Questions about how they would feel inside of a gay bar or how they would feel if they were forced to sit next to an Arabic man on a flight were asked and this is the sort of racist and homophobic thinking that we need to eliminate.


A teacher should never provide their students with an opportunity to engage in behaviors that are racist or homophobic and as you might have guessed, the teacher responsible for distributing this assignment to sixth graders landed in a great deal of hot water for this stunt.

There is no universe where it is okay to ask children these types of questions and the teacher, who was a recent hire and still on probation at the time that this assignment has handed out, was fired as a result of these actions.


We are glad to see that this school took such immediate and decisive action when it comes to a matter like this. There is zero place in a modern society for any education or educators who encourage children to develop racist and/or homophobic mindsets.

Share this story with your friends and family members, as it is sure to spark an interesting discussion….and be sure to teach your children that it is never okay to discriminate against another human being because of their race, religion or sexual orientation.

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