Hourly rate you would need to earn to comfortably live in a two-bedroom home in each state

Do you ever find yourself wondering how much it would cost to live in a certain state? For those who dream of residing in New York or California, state wage map are definitely a true eye opener. The following map offers you a closer look at the costs of living in a two bedroom home, depending on which state you choose.

While there are definitely some states that are more affordable than others, any American who is attempting to survive on a minimum wage salary is going to struggle….no matter where they reside. Thanks to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, low income Americans are receiving the assistance that they need.

There is no reason why someone who works full time should be unable to afford to keep a roof over their head and this is something that the NLIHC is working tirelessly to keep from happening. Their recent reports revealed (as seen below) reveal that a two bedroom rental property is not attainable to those who work for minimum wage unless they spend over 30 percent of their income.

To make matters even worse, rental supply is not able to keep pace with current demand, which makes obtaining a rental property even more difficult. In 46 American states, the amount of money required to obtain a modest two bedroom rental home more than doubles the current federal minimum wage.

The amount of money that a worker receives when they work at a minimum wage job has never really been able to provide them with the amount of money that they need in order to make a decent life for themselves, but this issue is only worsening as time goes on. Please watch this informative clip in order to learn more and don’t be shy about passing it along to your closest friends and family members.

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