Huggies just came out with the tiniest diapers ever for preemie babies


While the majority of parents do not have any sort of trouble when it comes to purchasing diapers for their little ones, parents of premature children do not always have it so easy. Finding a diaper that properly fits their preemie is very difficult and there are also a number of diapers that have adverse effects on their delicate skin.

Thankfully, Huggies has stepped forward to offer a much needed rescue to parents who find themselves in this unique predicament. With their new Little Snugglers Nano Preemie Diaper line, parents of premature babies now have a viable option available to them.


These diapers are designed to fit babies that weight less than two pound and have been crafted with their delicate skin in mind. Even though there are only a very small portion of babies who fall into this demographic (less than 2 percent), Huggies wanted to make sure that their needs were being met.

Parents of premature babies are now rejoicing, as they finally have access to a diaper that their child can use without experiencing any sort of skin irritation. Input from NICU nurses was solicited as well, so that no aspect of their launch was left to chance.


In a world where it often feels as if major businesses do not have our best interests at heart, it is great to see a company like Huggies take such a colossal step forward to serve a sector of their client base that has gone without for so long.

Preemie parents already have enough stress to deal without having to suffer through the indignity of struggling with a diaper that is too large and causes skin irritation. If you know a parent who is currently dealing with such an issue, please pass this story along so that they know help is just around the corner.


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