Husband Hired Hitman To Kill Her, Then She Shows Up To Her Own Funeral To Surprise Him

John Grisham and Tom Clancy have made a career out of writing the sort of mysteries that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Their books are true page turners and once we pick them up, we are utterly incapable of putting them down. Those who seen such films as Vanilla Sky or mother! can also relate to the feeling of not knowing exactly what is going to happen next.

While it can be fun to lose yourself in these types of story lines, what would happen if these types of events were to occur in real life? That’s where shows like Dateline and 60 Minutes come into play, as these programs look to find out more about the real life events that take place. Many of the cases from these shows remain open and the victims continue to hope that the parties responsible will be brought to justice.

This is the story of someone who decided that they would commit just such a crime and he probably believed that he would never get caught. Balenga was a refugee from the Congo who migrated to Australia and he met his wife Noela (who also happened to be a refugee from the Congo) back in 2004. The two hit it off immediately and became husband and wife shortly thereafter.

Noela returned home for a funeral eleven years later and when her husband suggested that she head outside for fresh air, she was kidnapped and thrown into a car. She arrived at an undisclosed location and she was understandably baffled by her predicament. Just imagine how awful she must have felt when she heard her husband telling her captors to kill her.

The killers realized that they could not go through with the murder, so they took Balenga’s money and allowed Noela to head back to Australia. Her own memorial was taking place at the time and she had zero qualms about strolling in to let her husband know that the hit men he had hired decided against carrying out his horrible plan.

Stories like this one are stranger than fiction and if you would like to learn about the various twists and turns that took place here, we implore you to take a closer look at the video below. Noela’s courage is commendable and we are happy to report that Balenga is in the process of serving a nine year sentence for the crime of attempting to kill his beautiful wife.

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