Husband needed a kidney transplant to live, then his wife hands him a baseball card

The prospect of needing a kidney is a difficult one for most of us to fathom and the husband in this story was placed in the unfortunate position of requiring a donor as soon as possible. He was diagnosed with kidney disease this past fall and doctors recommended a transplant in order to restore his health. Fortunately, he had an ace in the hole.

Steve Winfree is one of the luckiest men walking the Earth and he is definitely well aware of that fact. His wife was willing to step up to the plate in a big way and the manner in which she announced her ability to do so is one of the most heartwarming things that we have ever seen. Steve happens to be an avid baseball card collector, setting the stage for what would happen next.

When he recently opened a fresh pack of Topps baseball cards, he never could have guessed the surprise that was going to be in store for him. His wife Heather had placed an insert inside of the pack to let Steve know that she had his back, no matter what. What a wonderful wife. Not only was she able to donate a kidney to her husband, but she came up with a sweet and clever way to announce it.

The card that announced Heather’s ability and willingness to donate a kidney had Steve’s own likeness emblazoned on the front and we can only begin to imagine his level of shock and surprise at this occurrence. Once he flipped the card over and read a message from his wife, he immediately became choked up.

The card let Steve know that Heather was the one who would be pitching to him and that she would be delivering a brand new kidney. In addition to letting him know that she would be pitching a new kidney to him, she also assured him that they would be knocking it out of the ballpark side by side! As an Atlanta Braves who had spent his entire life collecting baseball cards, there was no way that he could have ever expected this.

It is one thing to find someone who is willing to spend their life with us and it is quite another to find someone who is willing to save our lives. Please check out this incredible video and share it with your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.

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