Husband Says Final Goodbyes, Pulls Plug on Wife. Then She Whispers 3 Chilling Words

“I could just hear conversations around me and about me,” Lyndee explained. “I remember a doctor opening my eyes, messing with me, and telling my family I was not reacting.”

This Mother’s Day promises to be a poignant one for one Arizona family, as it is the first one since their wife and mother Lyndee went through an amazing ordeal. They suffered through a period of intense uncertainty and they watched her slowly pass away right before their eyes, which gave them a feeling of total and complete powerlessness.

Lyndee’s son is the first one who found her laying unconscious on the floor and he called 911 immediately. She was then placed on life support and transported to the local hospital. The family spent 12 harrowing days by her bedside, waiting and hoping for her to wake up and come home with them.

Lyndee will never forget the urgent words from her husband, who had leaned in close to speak to his dying wife. “I need you to fight,” Lyndee’s grieving husband whispered over and over again, hopeful she would wake up.

Eventually, the doctors were forced to deliver the terrible news to the family: Lyndee was unable to be saved and she would have to be taken off life support eventually. Nothing could be done to keep her from passing away and the family was left with a very difficult decision to make.

The worst part of all was that Lyndee was still able to hear all of the conversations that were taking place around her. We can’t even begin to imagine the frustration associated with having a series of thoughts streaming through your mind and no ability to express them.

Then, as Lyndee’s body was taken off life support, the miraculous happened. Lyndee uttered three words that sent chills throughout the room: “I’m a fighter.”

Before they pulled the plug on Lyndee, her husband offered his final words: “I need you to fight.” Little did he know that she heard every word he had said and was ready to offer a response that would stun everyone present. She said “I’m a fighter” and from there, she would wake up and greet her family as if nothing had happened.

“I looked at her [my mom], and she just says, ‘Hi,’ and I just fell to my knees,” an emotional Amanda recalled. “I told her, ‘I thought you had been gone for 12 hours!’”

Today, the Pellettiere-Swapp family can confidently say they have a fresh perspective on life. “Everything can be taken away,” Steven expressed.

“You can wake up one day and everything is fine, and then your life is a mess,” he continued. “Keep your family close and don’t let them go.”

While Lyndee doesn’t see her situation as a miracle, her children certainly do. But Lyndee does have a message for families who may find themselves in a similar situation someday:

“Just because you are not conscious does not mean you cannot hear. So you should talk to your loved ones if you are in that situation. They hear you.”

You never know when someone you love might be taken away from you, so be sure to hug them as tight as possible each day.

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