Hysterical Video Of Dad Moving 1-Month-Old’s Mouth To Lip-Sync ‘O Holy Night’

If you’ve recently moved to a new place, the holiday season will teach you a great deal about your neighbors. Who’s the minimalist when it comes to decorating? Who enjoys themes? And who goes crazy?

Some folks over-decorate their homes and yards. You know who I mean. They’re your neighbors who when Halloween rolls around, they are the ones with the blow-up pumpkins on their lawns and witch and skeleton on their porch.

At Thanksgiving, they hang a weird-looking turkey on their front door. And come Christmas time, they have the massive Santa Claus on their porch, and so many Christmas lights and garland hanging their brightness could guide you down the block if every other porch light were turned off. Or they’re responsible for the power outage in your apartment complex.

Others prepare so many baked goods to tempt your taste buds, just smelling let alone seeing the confectionary delights can make you feel like you’ve gained an inch or two around your waistline.

One father took a somewhat spontaneous approach to Christmas with his one-month-year-old baby. The child’s mother, Ashley Killingsworth posted this adorable video of the father moving the baby’s lips to make it appear like the baby is singing the song.

Hey, whatever puts you in the holiday spirit, my friend! But personally, I can’t wait for the baked goods.

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