It turns out that you’ve been eating Oreos wrong your entire life

Life hacks are one of the best ways to overcome all of the deceptively difficult problems that plague us each day. While we have always enjoyed having easy access to these types of solutions, life hacks often allow us to remedy various issues with easy to find home remedies and will often have us saying things along the lines of “why didn’t I think of that?!”

Nowadays, YouTube will often provide us with a helpful tutorial for any irritation that comes our way. These sites are hugely popular, as people love to discover new and easy ways to solve problems that they once believed to be unsolvable. The usefulness of these solutions is often mind blowing and the best solutions are those that leave us slapping our foreheads with a mixture of amusement and amazement.

Alejandra Romas is a popular food blogger and when she recently met with Inside Edition, she was quick to let people know that the way they choose to eat certain foods is all wrong. For starters, most of us are not consuming tacos in the right way and if you would like to avoid the annoyance associated with a lap full of taco fixings, try wrapping a leaf of lettuce around the item to avoid spillage.

Even the way that we choose to consume apples can use a little bit of amendment. While the vast majority of people will simply eat the apple from top to bottom, we are actually supposed to be eating the apple from bottom to top if we wish to maximize our enjoyment of the fruit. The traditional method for eating an apple actually leads to far more waste.

The long held tradition of twisting Oreos apart by hand is another area of focus for Ramos. Are you tired of getting your fingers wet by dunking them into the milk along with cookie? Sick of not getting the proper coverage when your cookie has been dunked? If so, Ramos recommends using a fork to dunk the cookie, so that you can steer clear of this all too common issue.

Would you like to learn more about the food hacks that Ramos has to offer? This helpful clip will allow you to amend your eating habits and allow you to enjoy all of your usual favorites far more easily. Thinking outside of the box is important and thanks to these life hacks, we can make the necessary changes that remove all annoyances from the equation.

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