Mom let her 3 kids play in the backyard, then child services knocked on her door

Those of us who were fortunate enough to grow up in a home with a yard have a number of happy memories attached to these experiences. There are few things more pure and innocent than running outside with your siblings after all of your chores and playing on swing sets or riding bikes. This all sounds normal enough and when you find out why this mother from Manitoba had Child Services called on her, you will be stunned.

Jacqui has a home with a yard and this yard is also fenced in. When she sent her three children out to play, she never could have imagined what would end up happening next. Someone issued a complaint about her allowing these children to play outside without supervision to Children and Family Services and from there, an investigation was launched into the matter.

When the CFS worker arrived to look into the situation, Jacqui was confident that she had provided enough information to satisfy their understandable curiosity. What she didn’t know was that the incident had been recorded and added onto her permanent record. This yard is as safe as can be and is enclosed on three sides with wood, in addition to a chain link enclosure on the other side.

The idea that these children are being left to their own devices for hours at a time is a very erroneous one and we feel sorry for Jacqui that she even has to go through this. Children do not need a parent hovering over them for every second of their play time in order to be safe and there is no reason why someone should have felt compelled to report this fine mother to the authorities.

If the person was so terribly concerned about what was taking place at this woman’s home, why would they not take the time to speak with her first? We may live in a crazy world these days, but that does not mean that children cannot play outside without an armed guard standing over them. This mother did nothing wrong in our opinion and we wish that people would learn how to mind their own business.

This is a story that must be shared by all readers, so that nothing like this is ever able to happen again. Parents should be able to let their children roam their property without worry or fear of reprisal from the authorities, as long as they have offered the proper enclosures to keep them safe from potential harm or unwanted intruders.

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