Jimmy John’s driver caught this woman’s boyfriend cheating on her during a delivery

One of the more difficult things that we may have to face in life is if we find out that our partner is no longer being faithful. Of course, most people would rather know about the unfaithfulness rather than living in the dark.

When a 23-year-old woman from Burlington, Iowa found out the bad news about her boyfriend, she decided to share the experience on Twitter. Her name is Kayla Speer and she said that she felt the need to talk to others about the account and to share it with the Internet. In Twitter fashion, she gave us the backstory in bite-size chunks.

“I feel like I need to share my @jimmyjohns experience…(Thread)”

“I was dating a guy for a few months then. We were long distance (about 3 hours away from each other). He was about to graduate college and was studying for his final exams.”

“I was at work one evening and thought I would do something nice for my bf and order him @jimmyjohns for dinner while he was studying for finals”

“When I was placing my order to the @jimmyjohns employee I let them know that this was for my boyfriend who lived in that city and that I wouldn’t be present when the food was delivered since I’m 3 hours away. I also asked if it was okay for him to sign for me.”

Seems like a really nice thing to do. Nothing like free food.

“The order was placed & my bf had texted me a little bit before letting me know he was going to take a nap. So I sent him a text saying “hey, foods on the way for you. Please leave a tip.” I didn’t hear back from him for a bit, but I just assumed he was sleeping.”

“A little bit later I got a text from my bf saying “thank you” then a few moments later I received a call from @jimmyjohns”

“I picked up assuming they were just informing me that the food was delivered or maybe there was something wrong with my card, but I was dead wrong…”

Obviously, something wasn’t quite right. The employee let her know about it.

“They @jimmyjohns delivery driver asked me if this order was for my bf and I said yes it was and that I didn’t live in the same city as him and that I was surprising him. I thought that was odd because I told them originally that the order was for my bf.”

“The delivery driver continued by saying this…”look, we usually don’t do this, but I think you would like to know…when we walked up to the door to your bf’s place we were able to see into his apartment and he was in his boxers with a naked women on top of him on the couch”

“I had a few follow up questions for the delivery guy (extrememly upset and confused) which he so graciously answered which confirmed that it was in fact my bf who was on the couch with the naked woman.”

“So that’s how I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me. BY THE JIMMY JOHNS DELIVERY GUY.”

This had to be a very difficult exchange. Although it was probably one of the worst things that Kayla could’ve ever heard, she did have a lot of good to say about her unexpected hero.

“I do want to thank @jimmyjohns for their incredible service to their customers. Not many would do what that delivery driver did, and I’m very grateful he called me and was honest about the situation. #WWJJD (What Would Jimmy Johns Do?)”

As you can imagine, it went viral.

To top everything off, even Jimmy John came on to say he would host a breakup party for her.

I would say he excels at customer service.

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