Judges Love Her Voice And Are Stunned When They Turned Around To See Who’s Singing

The Voice is a wonderful show that provides a bevy of opportunities for various singers of various backgrounds to strut their stuff. While most associate the show with its American incarnation, a number of different countries have their own version of the show and this format allows for breakout stars to be found in corners of the globe that would not always be considered otherwise.

You simply never know where the best talent is going to come from and one of the joys of reality television is that no stone is ever going to be left unturned. If there is high end talent to be found anywhere on the planet, then shows like The Voice are able to uncover it. This is the story of one special woman who would have been left to languish in obscurity without the assistance of shows just like this one.

For starters, her profession is already turning heads all over the world. Can you believe that this astonishing singing voice belongs to a nun from Italy? When we caught our first glimpse of Sister Cristina Scuccia, we are more than willing to admit that she was not what we expected to see and audiences would be forgiven for assuming that this was some kind of joke.

But once Sister Cristina got her chance to perform, it was clear as day to see that she is one of the most gifted performers to ever grace this stage. The judges were stunned when they took in her performance and while there was certainly an understandable level of skepticism involved, Sister Cristina’s talent allowed her to stand head and shoulders above all of the rest.

As those who have already seen this amazing performance will be happy to tell you, this nun was able to take home the grand prize and she ran away from the competition. Seeing someone with a gift like this serves as a valuable reminder that you simply never know where the next superstar is going to come from and that they can even be found in the last place that you would ever think to look….such as a convent.

This is the type of clip that needs to be shared with close friends and loved ones, so that you can spread the love. Please take a moment to pass this breathtaking performance along, so that all of the music lovers that you know will have a chance to appreciate it for themselves.

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