Just One Week After New Bride Dies, Husband Finds Photo On Her Phone That Destroys Him

When John Polo first met his wife Michelle, they were only in high school. While their initial relationship only lasted for about a year, the love that they created was able to withstand the test of time. In most instances, a young love is not able to endure over the course of time, but this was a special couple and their story is sure to inspire an equal amount of smiles and cries.

The couple met again eight years after their relationship had ended and they were able to rekindle the romance. From there, they got engaged and they planned to spend the rest of their lives together. John was also ready to include Michelle’s daughter in these plans and by all appearances, this is a couple who had created a bond that could last over the long haul.

The happiness that the couple experienced was as intense as it was fleeting. Two years after they had gotten back together and rekindled their connection, Michelle received a medical diagnosis that would destroy all of their best laid plans. She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and since this cancer was unusually aggressive, this did not leave them with very much time to plan a wedding.

John and Michelle decided that they would fast track their wedding so that they could be married before this horrific ordeal reached its inevitable conclusion. Their courthouse wedding took place a mere four days after Michelle had received the initial diagnosis and she was slated to undergo surgery just five days after the couple enjoyed their special day.

Her illness made the wedding ceremony difficult, but this was a mere prelude to the truly special day that lay ahead of them. The venue was booked and the invitations were sent, but Michelle was unable to make it. John was looking through photos on her phone a week after her death when he made a discovery that left him completely devastated.

It was a photo of Michelle clad in the wedding dress that he was never able to catch a glimpse of her wearing. The waves of regret and sadness that he experienced made him wonder what could have been. For his part, John is trying his best not to wallow in the grief and is planning a beautiful wedding for him and his wife in the afterlife. Please share this story as a reminder that we do not have to let tragedies define us.

Here’s what he wrote:

That’s my wife.
In her wedding dress.
A wedding dress that I never got to see her in.
We were married at the courthouse a few days before her first surgery was scheduled to take place.
We rushed there. To become man and wife.
Not knowing if she would make it out of the surgery alive.
After the cancer came back and she was terminal, we decided to plan a real wedding.
She didn’t make it to that real wedding.
She died two weeks before it was scheduled to take place.
I have so many regrets.
Not getting to see her walk down the aisle is atop that list.
But, she got that dress. Her dream dress.
She loved that dress SO much.
While at hospice, she would talk to people about how great the wedding was going to be.
She wasn’t coherent enough to realize that she wasn’t going to make it to there.
Michelle died without me ever seeing her in that dream dress.
A week after she passed away I stumbled across this picture in her phone.
I lay motionless in bed, both happy and devastated.
Tears flowing down my cheeks as I laughed aloud at the memory of how giddy it made her.
My bride.
In her dress.
I want to live a long life.
I want to remarry and have grandkids.
I want to write and teach.
I want to spread my message to the world.
I want to tell them everything I have learned about love, loss, grief and healing.
When it is my time, I am running up there.
No – I am sprinting up there!
To see her.
#in #that #dress

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