On Kids’ First Day Back To School, Mom Posts Hilarious Photo That Every Parent Can Relate Too

Now that it is time for parents to send their little ones back to school, parents everywhere are rejoicing in the fact that they do not have to watch their children on an all day, everyday basis. Jena is a mother from Alabama who decided to share her joy with the world and while her children may not have been super thrilled about the matter, this moment provided a great deal of joy for parents everywhere.

She posted a photo of her three children in all of their back to school finery on social media and their facial expressions are about as priceless as it gets. They look extremely non enthused about going back to school. Meanwhile, their mother is perched on a pool flotation device with a drink in her hand and she looks as if she is about to have the absolute time of her life as a result of their absence.

The photo was posted on her Facebook page on August 7 and since then, it has been shared tens of thousands of times by parents everywhere who can certainly relate to her feelings of elation. This photo has also led to her being contacted by a wide range of different news outlets for interviews and she has spoken to NBC News, USA Today, People magazine and the New York Times.

Pictures like these may be simple by nature, but it is their simplicity that allows them to resonate in the manner in which they do. After a summer of being driven crazy by her children’s nonstop stream of complaints and antics, this mother more than deserves to have a day to herself where she does not have to answer to anyone for any reason.

Moms need breaks, too. While most other parents shared a hearty chuckle with Jena about this, the “well actually” crowd decided that they had to weigh in. These people referred to Jena as being self indulgent and spoiled, as if enjoying a nice, quiet day alone after spending the entire summer wrangling children was some sort of offensively awful thing for a mother to want for herself.

No parent should ever be made to feel as if they are a bad person for wanting a few moments to themselves and judging from all of the shares and likes that have taken place since her initial post, she is far from alone when it comes to this matter.

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