Kids Use To Tease Woman About Her Birthmark And Now It’s Effecting Her Marriage

Many of us have birthmarks and while some of us have learned to embrace them, there are others who are ashamed of them and wish that they would go away once and for all. In some instances, a birthmark may be an indication of more severe health problems and they will need to be removed as quickly as possible, so that they do not lead to more challenging health related issues over the long haul.

There are numerous factors to consider when planning for the removal of a mole, such as the type and location. Adults who carry birthmarks into old age often suffer from a lack of self confidence as a result. When a woman by the name of Tonya recently guested on the television show The Doctor, she was in search of a remedy for the port wine birthmarks that she has had ever since she was born.

While these birthmarks typically do not occur on both sides of a person’s body, hers extend from the buttocks and continue to move in a downward pattern. This has caused her to endure years worth of humiliation and these issues have even begun to cause problems within her marriage. Her husband is struggling to deal with her insecurity and Tonya refuses to showcase her body to her own spouse.

Tonya has finally decided to ask for help and since the birthmarks are caused by blood vessels that are malformed beneath the skin, they require medical treatment. The birthmarks will also tend to become even more pronounced as the person ages. These stains are also often linked to various other medical conditions and cause a number of additional ailments, such as bleeding and neurological difficulties.

When Tonya was finally examined, her blood vessels had become entangled. This led to the burning sensations that she was feeling and caused the coloration to worsen. She also learned that her condition was able to be treated and will now be visiting a dermatologist to decide on a laser therapy program to remove the markings once and for all.

If you would like to find out more about Tonya’s amazing journey and what will be happening next, be sure to watch this informative clip. Do you struggle with birthmarks? Do you have any friends or loved ones who are looking for the proper treatment? Please pass this video along to all friends and family members who are in search of the proper treatment.

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