Kitten found painted pink, starved and left in a cage to die, then young boy rescue him

The story that you are about to read takes place in Bahrain and while it may seem like a work of fiction, it is 100 percent true and we have the pictures to prove it. A boy by the name of Bilal Aslam recently purchased a fur baby to take home with him. This could come across as a ho hum story to some readers, but it comes with a very heartbreaking twist ending.

When the boy found the kitten that he wanted to take home with him, the animal was actually covered in pink paint. Someone had used wall paint to dye the animal’s fur and we cannot even begin to fathom the sort of person who would find a stunt like this cute or amusing. The animal was then brought to the BSPCA, where they dubbed her Pinky (of course.)

The boy was not to blame for the condition that he found this chat and he has a big heart for being so willing to help. The animal had not only been painted pink, but she was also starved for nourishment and attention. Once the little boy found Pinky, he knew that she was in desperate need of medical treatment. At least there is one person in this world who still knows right from wrong.

The animal suffered from an allergic reaction to the wall paint and she ended up with sniffles and runny eyes as a result of this idiotic decision. Wall paint is not easy to wash off of a animal once it has been applied and the vets who were responsible for Pinky’s care had to use a specially medicated soap. It took several baths, but at long last, they were able to finally remove all of the pink paint.

But even though the paint was gone, the damage had already been done. The paint was already able to sink in to her skin and she was permanently pink. While the shade may have been lighter than before, she is doomed to a life of remaining pink. Once she was nursed back to health, she was placed up for adoption. She’s been given a loving home and we are glad to report that this story had a happy ending.

Once you have seen this story for yourself, you will definitely want to share it with your closest friends and family members. Be sure to pass it along to all of the animal lovers in your life as soon as possible.

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