Letter From ‘Tooth Fairy’ Sets Boy Straight After He Doesn’t Receive Money For Lost Tooth

If you are a parent and you have children of your own at home, then you are probably well aware of the fact that kids don’t always tend to be the cleanest of people. Parents are forced to follow close behind their little ones constantly in order to make sure that they are picking up after themselves and if it were not for the presence of adult supervision, children would be covered in all sorts of random debris.

Dental care is one of the main bones that parents have to pick with their children. From a child’s perspective, it is understandable. Who would want to stop playing outside in order to brush teeth that are going to fall out one day anyway? As for this little boy, he would eventually learn the hard way that Barry T. Tooth Fairy was not going to tolerate this sort of lackadaisical attitude.

Sam Warren is the child in question and one thing is for sure, the tooth fairy is just about done fooling around here! Henry Warren, the father of the child, is the one responsible for this invention…just in case any readers thought that they had stumbled into the real McCoy. When little Sam recently lost a tooth, Henry was utterly disgusted by its appearance.

He elected to give the boy a warning about his dental care in the most hilarious way possible. The correspondence was handled in an official manner and the letter went sent to the young man straight from the “Tooth Fairy Headquarters”. The note let the little boy know that the payment for his lost tooth was placed on delay because the tooth fairy was not impressed by its condition.

Sam was told that he would need to improve his tooth brushing technique and that this was a matter of utmost urgency. The headquarters would need some reassurance that he had taken better care of his teeth before payments would resume. As you might have imagined, the plan worked like a charm and Sam has definitely stepped up his dental care routine as a result.

The “letter” that the tooth fairy “wrote” went viral almost immediately and parents everywhere are sure to lift this neat little trick to add to their arsenals. Sam not only got the chance to earn some extra money, but his smile will definitely thank him for it later. This is a classic win/win story and we urge parents everywhere to pass it along to their friends who are having similar struggles.

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