Little couldn’t speak, then she tells abused rescue donkey ‘I love you’

While most of us probably don’t consider donkeys when we stop to think about the benefits that therapy animals can provide, one special little girl recently shared a moment with her therapy donkey and the bond that these two share will certainly have you reaching for the Kleenex.


Amber Austwick and Shocks the donkey have become the best of friends and this animal definitely relates to the long, hard road that this little girl has been forced to travel. He was originally rescued from Ireland, where he was found with a rope tied around his neck so tightly that it was leaving lacerations.


Meanwhile, Amber was in the midst of a very difficult childhood, as the little girl was unable. Fortunately, donkeys tend to possess a very calming quality that makes for great relationships with those who require therapy. Shocks was given the chance to help Amber and has become an equal partner in her journey.


Amber has also developed cerebral palsy as a result of her birth complications and while Amber’s family worked tirelessly to ensure that her life was as a fulfilling as possible, Shocks has been able to fill certain blanks that her loved ones have been unable to thus far.


When she was finally fitted with a speaking valve that would allow her to produce words, you would have thought that she would start speaking right away. However, she was in no rush to talk to anyone…except for her old buddy Shocks, of course!

Once the valve had been fitted, she did not speak until her next run in with her therapy donkey, when she said four words that touched the hearts of every observer: “I love you, Shocky.” If this little girl’s story touched your heart as much as it did ours, then be sure to pass it along to all of your closest friends and family members.

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