Little Girl Told Her Cancer Is Terminal, Says Marrying ‘Boyfriend’ Is Her Dying Wish

Little Eileidh received the worst news that could ever happen to a child her age and while most five year olds would shut down at a time like this, this special little girl decided to make the most of a difficult situation. She found out that her childhood cancer was diagnosed as terminal and immediately set about the task of crossing important things off her bucket list.

You are never going to guess what this child placed at the tippy top of her to do list. She decided that she would get married and that her six year old boyfriend, a lovely young man by the name of Harrison, would walk down the aisle with her. According to Harrison’s mother Stephanie, the bond that these two children shared with a special one and worthy of such pomp and circumstance.

Once Eileidh made her feelings known, it was decided that she would have a magical wedding that was fit for a Disney princess. Several Disney princes and princesses made the trip to the wedding and while some of them had travel thousands of miles to do so, the ceremony made it more than worth their while. The bride was clad in a pink and white dress with a matching veil, in addition to a beautiful tiara.

Callum, her older brother, walked her down the aisle and “Wish Upon A Star” was played. The little girl’s mother wrote a fairy tale version of her life, which was read at the ceremony. She was depicted as the bravest of princesses, someone who was able to survive despite the presence of evil in her life (i.e. her terminal illness.)

After a poem from Eileidh’s sister about the importance of friendship, the bride and groom would exchange necklaces and be declared best friends forever. While Harrison had not attended at a wedding before this one and does not consider himself a fan of dressing up, he enjoyed this experience greatly and had the time of his life.

A few weeks after the wedding took place, the little princess finally succumbed to her illness. She left the remainder of her bucket list with her family, who is now determined to complete every last task on her checklist. Rest in peace, Eileidh….we are definitely going to miss you very much and our hearts go out to your family during this trying time.

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