Man Buys Painting For $88. Is Stunned When He Breaks It Open And Finds Something Hidden Inside

While most of us tend to picture treasures as something that is hidden on a map, there are a wide range of treasures that are hiding in our field of vision each day, completely unbeknownst to us. When this writer from VICE decided to purchase one painting on a complete and total whim, he never could have predicted what would end up happening next.

Justin Caffier is based in Los Angeles and living in this major city offers him a unique connection with various forms of art and culture. He stopped by Gabba Gallery, a brand new art space, and decided to take a closer look around. When he located a piece by an artist that he admired (photographer Ruby Heart), its monochromatic abstract appearance served to catch his eye almost immediately.

Recognizing Heart’s name, he came to the realization that they had met at a party about a year ago and from Justin’s memory, they had enjoyed a pleasant interaction. The piece was much less expensive than the others in the gallery and when Justin received the opportunity to take home one of Heart’s pieces for the low, low price of just 88 dollars, he was more than happy to do so.

That one time I hid $10k inside of a painting. #new

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Justin made his purchase and when the owner of the gallery urged him to return on the following night for an open house, he received the chance to speak with Heart directly. Ruby let Justin know that the piece was three dimensional and that he was glad it would have a chance to go to a good home. He added one last cryptic remark about the piece was crafted in a three dimensional style.

It would not take long for Justin to realize that the painting contained some sort of mystery treasure and he returned to the gallery with a screwdriver to open up Ruby’s piece. Wouldn’t you know it, there was a stack of cash stashed inside of the piece that totaled $10,000. Ruby loves to cause a stir and it is safe to say that this piece might have caused his biggest commotion yet.

Stories like these serve as a crucial reminder about the importance of art in our society. While there are some who cannot fathom spending any of their hard earned money on paintings or photographs, Justin’s measly $88 investment paid immediate dividends. After all, creating works that have a profound effect is what art is all about.

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