Man drives hours daily to deliver fresh water to dehydrated animals in Africa


Most of us do not always have the time or energy to aid helpless animals. However, there is one special man who has made an immense sacrifice on behalf of a group of animals who would not have been able to find help on their own.

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This amazing story takes place in the country of Kenya, where a man by the name of Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua has taken some extraordinary steps towards assisting a group of innocent animals who are in need of help. This humble pea farmer is proof that anyone can help in even the most dire situations, if they simply put their minds to it.


Tsavo West National Park is located in the dry lands of Kenya and as a result, the animals who reside there are unable to receive water in a timely manner. Global warming is having severe effects on this land and unless these animals receive regular hydration, their lives are in danger.

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Noticing that the area is not receiving rain like it once did, Patrick sprung into action, in an effort to keep the animals from suffering from dehydration.

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He now spends a significant portion of each day driving through these dry lands and filling all of the animals’ watering holes, so that they can continue to survive. The animals have come to recognize the “water man” and will line up to greet him as soon as he arrives with his truck, bearing thousands of gallons of much needed refreshment.

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Some American women were made aware of Patrick’s efforts and decided to establish a GoFundMe page to assist in his endeavors, so if this story touched your heart as much as it did ours, take time out to head to this page and provide him and these animals with a healthy donation.


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