Man order ‘extra spicy’ Pad Thai so the kitchen said, ‘Make him regret being born’

A Florida man, Logan Doan, has a ridiculously high tolerance for spicy food or so he thought…He recently went to Hawkers Asian Street Fare while on his lunch break during work and ordered a simple dish of pad Thai from a vendor there, and requested that the chefs make it “extra spicy.”

Well, the vendor took his request VERY seriously and served him a togo carton covered with drawings of flames and pad thai with mounds of pepper flakes.

Last week, Doan, who goes by the nom de plume Lowghen on Reddit, shared a photo of a receipt he received for his order. As you can see below, the word “Spicy” is written a whopping 17 times, followed by the phrase ‘MAKE HIM REGRET BEING BORN.’

Doan’s photograph of the receipt has since gone viral:

“Some folks in my office thought I was crazy for eating it, but I didn’t really get a rush from it,” he told the Kansas City Star yesterday, saying that he certainly didn’t regret being born after eating it. But hey, at least they tried!

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