Man Sees Puppy In Cage Outside Restaurant And Knows He Has To Save Him Before It’s Too Late

Seeing an animal that is desperate to be removed from their cage is a very sad occurrence and this is the story of a dog who was saved from a horrific fate by one special man. While he was initially stranded in a cage outside of a restaurant and would regularly get his head stuck between the metal bars in an effort to get free, this pup received the help that he needed before it was too late.

Michael Chour was visiting the nation of Cambodia and this man has been rescuing animals who are in need of assistance in the Southeast Asia region for 13 years now. He paid a visit to the owner of a restaurant that sells dog meat to find out if he could convince him to close his doors. What happened next will definitely come as somewhat of a surprise.

There was a cage outside of the restaurant that contained three different dogs, but the one that caught Michael’s eye was a four month old puppy. His head had become stuck between the bars of the cage and he received the assistance that he needed to wedge himself free. From the looks of it, this poor dog had been stuck in that position for several hours before Michael finally showed up.

Lucky the puppy was not out of the woods yet, though. If he was not saved from this cage for good, he would one day become someone’s meal and worst of all, it seemed as if the dogs knew their fate and were accepting of it. Since they can hear the screams of other dogs who are being slaughtered, it is not hard for them to tell what their fate is going to be.

Michael decided that he was not going buy Lucky, as this purchase would only allow the owner to buy more dogs of his own. After a conversation with Michael, the owner agreed to let him take Lucky, but this was the only dog who was freed. When the dog was first handed to Michael, the terrified animal thought his days were numbers and even peed on the man who was there to save him.

Since this rescue, Michael has also saved an additional seven dogs from being killed and is working with the owner to find alternative employment so that he can close the place down for good. Lucky now resides at a shelter and will remain there until Michael is able to open his own facility. This pup’s heart healed quickly and this story is a testament to what can happen when you treat an animal with the sweetness they deserve.

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