Man Shares Chilling Photo Of His Brother In A Body Bag. Reason Will Move You To Tears

When we lose one of our closest loved ones, it can be difficult to set our emotions to the side and carry on living our lives as normal. It is only human nature to try and remember all of the truly positive things about them and while some might try to conceal the harshest details, this man is opening up fully in hopes of starting an important dialogue.

Tyler passed away due to a heroin overdose and while some families would typically try to sweep such details under the rug, Tyler’s brother Tristen is operating under a completely different sort of mindset. He posted a photo of his brother in a body bag, with a very chilling caption.

Source: Facebook

The photo was called “an addict’s last ride” and the image went viral almost immediately. Tristen shared the photo as a means of increasing awareness about drug addiction and the havoc that it wreaks on the lives of users and the lives of all those who love them dearly.

Heroin overdoses are an increasingly major problem in the United States and overdoses of this nature kill nearly 80 people per day. This is an epidemic that shows little to no signs of slowing up and that is why Tristen felt compelled to share his brother’s story with the world.

Source: Facebook

The addiction started off innocently enough, as Tyler began smoking marijuana as a form of self medication before moving onto prescription drugs and heroin. Addicts always believe that they can handle their addictions until it is too late and this story is a sobering reminder of this harsh reality.

This is not an easy photo for anyone to look at, but it still needs to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible. If this picture is able to save even one life or inspire a difficult conversation, Tristen’s objective will be complete.

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