Man Sneaks Into Abandoned Funeral Home And Makes A Terrifying Discovery Inside A Secret Room

Every year around October 31, there is a major spike in people who are looking to be scared out of their wits. Most are content to simply book a trip to a haunted horse. There are others who need a bigger thrill. While most of us would never think to even do a such a thing, there are many who will book trips to visit abandoned funeral homes.

We are not sure what they are trying to accomplish here, but to each their own. R. Willy is a well known YouTube user who decided to do just that. He visited an abandoned funeral home that is located in the town of Bessemer, Alabama. Initially, it looked as if this building was just any other abandoned structure that you would find. That was until R. Willy discovered a room full of caskets.

While this may not seem too shocking to some, what happened next was surprising. The coffins themselves were empty and R. Willy also came across a number of different chemicals that were once used by the morticians. After discovering one room full of coffins, he found a second one with an even wide range of coffins inside.

As soon as he walked into the room, he felt as if he had made a major mistake. The coffins had been placed on metal shelves at random and he moved in to take a closer look. Most of us would have decided to run out of the funeral home as far as our legs would carry us at that point. But not R. Willy! He stuck around and took a closer look at the inside of each coffin.

What he found inside of these coffins has to be seen in order to be truly believed. His findings knocked the town of Bessemer for a major loop. We do not wish to spoil the findings for our viewers, so we urge you take a moment to check out this informative clip for yourself. Fair warning: the content in the clip is quite graphic. As a result, it is less than suitable for all viewers, especially your little ones.

Those who are still reading and wish to indulge their spooky side will be stunned by this amazing clip. One thing is definitely for sure: R. Willy is much more brave than we ever could be in this situation. Props to him for being willing to face his fears head on.

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