Massage these 6 stress points to immediately relax a fussy or crying baby

For those who are not currently aware, reflexology allows parents to manage the pain that their children feel by focusing on certain pressure points of the body. Small children who are still adjusting to the world around them need these treatments more than anyone, so let’s take a closer look at the six best ways to assist them.

If the child is experiencing pain in their teeth or their head, the tips of their toes can be massaged to ease their suffering. This method can be utilized whether the child is asleep or awake. Meanwhile, sinus pain can be brutal and even adults have been known to be waylaid by this common ailment.

To ease your little one’s sinus pains, the center underside of the toes need to be massaged. The pressure that you apply must be gentle, however. Chest congestion relief is easily found, as well, and all you need to do is perform a circular rubbing motion on the pads of the feet underneath the toes and over the arch.

Upset stomach got your child feeling cranky and out of sorts? The center of the foot is the best pressure point and you can massage the area where the arch begins to obtain relief. If the child is experiencing abdomen pain, massage the area of between the pads of the feet and the foot’s center.

Last but certainly not least, children with pelvic pains that are caused by rapid growth spurts will find relief when they take the time to massage the heels. If the child is also experiencing constipation or an upset stomach, this pressure point can be useful in these instances as well.

Do not make the mistake of allowing your child to experience consistent pain without speaking to a doctor. However, these methods are great for everyday issues that take place. Please share this story with your friends and loved ones, so that they can ease their little one’s pain when needed.

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