McDonald’s worker recognized the Facebook Killer, comes up with genius plan to take him down

The Facebook killer (aka Steve Stephens) was recently found dead in his car and while many of us are rejoicing at the fact that this maniac is no longer on the streets, you may not have known about the role that a few plucky McDonald’s workers played in his removal from our collective consciousness.

Stephens became infamous when he uploaded a horrific video of himself killing an old man who did nothing to deserve it to Facebook and from there, he became the target of a manhunt. Stephens was able to elude authorities for quite some time, but there was one thing he could not elude: his own hunger pangs.


He stopped in a McDonald’s in Erie, Pennsylvania and while his order of Chicken McNuggets and French fries did not arouse any suspicion, the employees recognized the name from the photos that they had seen on the Internet and came up with an incredible plan that would help put an end to the national nightmare he caused.

They told Stephens that his fries would take a bit longer to be finished and while he eventually gave up on waiting and drove off without them, this ingenious ploy set the stage for what would come next.


The police were able to catch up to him and this cowardly man decided that he could not face the fate that he had chosen for himself by his own actions. He killed himself inside of the vehicle before he could be brought to justice and while we wish he had received a proper punishment, we are glad that he cannot hurt anyone else.

Please pass this story along to your friends and family, so that they can learn the true story behind this horrific incident and find out about the great McDonald’s team that assisted in putting an end to Stephens’ reign of terror.

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