‘Mini’ Husky With Special Needs Is Having Trouble Find Her Forever Home

Cascade is a special sort of husky and while she was initially born to a breeder, she was brought to a clinic to be euthanized once it was discovered that she had special needs. Fortunately for Cascade, the vet convinced the owner that she simply needed to be given to a rescue. K9 Rescue and Rehoming took her in and it took no time at all for everyone on staff to fall hopelessly in love with the adorable puppy.

She was examined and it was determined that she was suffering from a unique condition that had caused some of her vertebrae to become fused together. The cause of the issue is still not known and it is uncertain whether she was born with the condition or if it took place due to an injury during the early stages of her life. Cascade had to wear leg braces at first and while she is out of them, her gait will always be a bit clumsy.

Because of these issues, she is a much smaller dog than anyone could have ever expected her to be. Her tail is missing and because she is incontinent, she needs to wear diapers in order to avoid unwanted accidents. Cascade’s foster mommy has no problem working around these problems, as she regularly dresses the puppy up in all sorts of fun outfits.

Even though she is quite different from all of the other dogs, that does not stop Cascade from running and playing. She is a happy dog who does whatever she sets her mind to. This little bundle of energy always stays on the go. Jumping is out of the question because of her injuries, but her climbing abilities are essentially unrivaled.

Any family who adopts her will need to be able to change her diapers as needed. She has a few other minor needs, but besides those, she is a sweet and lovable creature who is in search of a loving forever home to call her own. If you know someone who is in search of a permanent puppy to bring home, someone who does not mind an animal with special needs, please take a moment to pass this story along.

Every animal deserves to have a forever home of their own and while Cascade has been fortunate enough to find a great foster home, we sincerely hope that she is given the chance to light up someone’s life on a daily basis soon.

If you’re interested in adopting Cascade, you can contact K9 Rescue and Rehoming for more information.

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