Model Who Once Lived On A 500 Calorie Diet, Shares Her Dramatic Transformation

When we see models on television or in magazines, our first impulse is to become jealous of their figures, even if we do not know what they have done to get them. Could you imagine living on a mere 500 calories a day? Of course not, but for many models, this is simply a way of life.


Take the model in this story, for instance. Liza Golden-Bhojwani was living a very unhealthy existence and living the life of the average runway model, until she finally came to the realization that she needed to walk away in order to live the life that she truly wanted to live.


She passed out in the midst of a ridiculously small meal that consisted only of 20 steamed edamame pieces and knew that she had to make a serious change. She is now leading a body positive movement on Instagram and has gone from starving herself to enjoying whatever she likes.

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Liza gained weight rapidly and was mocked on social media as a result of her transformation. She was still very fit, but no longer fit the mold of what people thought a Victoria’s Secret model was supposed to look like.


Thanks to her courage and willingness to step away from an unhealthy life and make a change, Liza says that she is happier than she has ever been. Best of all, she is now offering a realistic portrayal of beauty for an audience that is starved for imagery of this nature.

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The next time you are considering starving yourself just to go down a dress size or two, please stop to think about Liza’s story and everything that she has been through. Losing weight and being healthy is great, but you must also to handle the process in a manner that is beneficial to your long term well being.


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