Mom Answers Mysterious Phone Call, Man Demands Money. Hears Daughter’s Voice Begging For Help

We live in a world where there are no shortage of scams taking place and it seems as if these con artists dream up a new scheme on an almost daily basis. A mother from the Phoenix recently experienced one of these newer schemes and this criminal made her believe that her child’s life was at risk. While her daughter was in no danger at all, this mother had no way of knowing this at the time.

Her daughter had left the home and was on a family vacation, so her mother Kate did not know what was going on when she first received the mystery phone call. She picked up the call even though she was at work and heard a panicked voice that sounded a lot like her daughter’s. She was made to believe that the child had been placed into a vehicle against her will and was being taken to an unknown location.

The man said that he wanted cash in order for the girl to be returned safely. He had clearly done his homework and even provided the name of a location where the girl had been. Fortunately, Kate is a very quick thinker and she decided to have someone else make a FaceTime call to her daughter before believing the man’s story and taking it at face value.

Once her daughter Cass picked up the phone and let her mother know that she was perfectly fine, she realized that she was in the midst of being scammed. While the phone call started off as her worst nightmare, it became apparent that she had nothing to worry about whatsoever. This story does provide us with a crucial reminder about the importance of always knowing your children’s whereabouts.

The investigators who looked into the matter were unable to tell how the caller was able to produce a recording of Cass’ voice that was so spot on. They continue to work to track down the parties who are responsible for what has taken place and they urge parents everywhere to remain vigilant at all times. Sadly, our world is full of people who will take advantage of our most primal fears at any time.

That’s why you need to pass this story along to all of the parents that you know. Otherwise, someone you love and care about could end up falling victim to the same scam that Kate was able to skillfully avoid.

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