Mom Doesn’t Want Adopted Son Anymore After Having Her Own Child, So She Pawned Him Off Online

While we have all heard stories about people who did not want their pets anymore, we have never heard a story this bizarre in our entire lives. The woman in this story adopted a child and decided that she did not want him once she brought him home. What could have possibly been going through her head when she decided to adopt him in the first place?

We are not sure what the original rationale was here. Victoria and Billy are the couple at the epicenter of this story. They did not have any children of their own and they decided to adopt a little boy from Russia. However, once they brought little Dmitri home, they were given their own little bundle of joy. Once Victoria was able to become pregnant with a child of her own, Dmitri was no longer wanted.

Instead of accepting the blessing she was given and providing a home for another child in need, this couple took the selfish way out. Dmitri was all of 13 years old when they gave him away to another woman named Nicole. To make matters even worse, Nicole was not looking to bring him home for the right reasons. These types of transactions are also highly illegal.

Nicole’s purpose for “adopting” Dmitri was a nefarious one. She had a close association with a pedophile and was funneling innocent children to her run down shack. Her own children were already taken away from her and she was not allowed to have any more. This is why she was hunting for children on the black market.

Fortunately, this story did not have the ending that you might think. A neighbor was monitoring the situation and expressed their concerns. They were eventually able to get Dmitri away from this horrific situation. He has been taken in by a foster family that is providing him with a legal home. Now that he is 20, he is sharing his story in hopes of helping others who are in his predicament.

In order to raise awareness about these common (and chilling) practices, please take time out to share this video with your closest friends and loved ones. We all need to do our part to put a stop to the child trafficking that takes place in the world. No child should ever be forced to go through the experiences that Dmitri suffered through.

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