Mom Gets $16 Million From Hospital After Traumatic Birth


Caroline is from Alabama and she has four beautiful children to call her own. By the time she was ready to give birth to her fourth child, she had already established a very specific birthing plan and headed to the Brookwood Medical Center, where she had been promised that they would assist her in her chosen birth plan.


However, this medical center did not live up to their advance billing and attempted to hold the child inside of the vagina and prevented the baby from being born. As you might have imagined, Carolina also experienced severe injuries as a result of this very foolish endeavor.


While each of these previous three births had been performed in the conventional manner, Caroline decided that the fourth child would be born naturally. She wanted to experience the moment in full and was promised by the medical center that she could carry out the procedure in any manner that she saw fit.

Once the baby was born, the truth came to light and all of the reassurances that she was given were tossed out of the window for good. Her objections were ignored and the nurses did not listen to anything that she had to say on the matter, physically holding her child in place.


Luckily, the baby’s health was not compromised and her baby boy arrived in pristine condition. But Caroline was not nearly as fortunate, as she now suffers from permanent pain in her genital area and when she attempted to address these concerns with the hospital, she was summarily dismissed.


The case was brought to a jury and this jury decided that her injuries and anguish entitled her to a reward of $16 million. Please share this story to spread awareness about matters such as these, as we pray that no other mother is ever subjected to this kind of suffering.

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