Mom Of A Girl With ADHD Has An Important Message After One Truly Awful Encounter

Now that social media gives us a glimpse into the parenting styles of others, a lot of judgement tends to take place and this judgement can cause people to say things that are somewhat rude or even flat out distasteful. No matter how you decide that you want to raise your child, there will always be someone to come along and offer you their unwanted “well actually…” or a passive aggressive remark.

While people tend to keep these comments to themselves in most public forums, there are others who allow themselves to lose sight of the fact that they do not know the struggles that others are experiencing. Taylor Myers is now speaking out about the struggles that she has experienced in this regard as a mother who parents a child with ADHD.

Her little girl Sophie will act out in public places from time to time and Taylor has decided that she is not going to give in to these types of outbursts. When Taylor’s child threw a tantrum while they were waiting in line at Wal-Mart, another woman could not resist the urge to chime in with advice that was not asked for. Taylor admits that she reacted poorly, but can you blame her?

It is easy to see just how much the incident affected her and her daughter. This incident did come with one saving grace, though. A woman who saw the whole thing take place walked them out of the store and while Sophie had become fixated on the idea of buying a bag of chips, the woman did not allow herself to fall into the child’s trap.

Instead, the woman spoke calmly to Sophie about the importance of minding her mother and not making her life any harder than it has to be. You simply never know what someone is going through and you should never make the mistake of assuming that a parent who is allowing their child to throw a tantrum without putting a stop to it is merely being lazy or ineffectual.

A mother’s job is difficult, no matter what you might think about their chosen parenting tactics. It breaks our heart to see strangers going out of their way to make things more challenging than they already are. Kudos to the woman who was willing to step forward and offer words of encouragement to Taylor and Sophie when no one else would.

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