Mom Notices Dark ‘Rings’ On Her Daughters Neck And Ends Up Saving Her Life

When we are in need of help, the human body has a number of ways to get this message across. While the ways that our body chooses to communicate with us may not always be as obvious as we would expect, those who take the time to heed the messages are able to avoid all sorts of difficulties. It can be hard to know when your body is trying to call your attention to some sort of underlying issue.

Sharp pains and dull aches are easy enough to recognize, but what about the distress signals that have nothing to do with pain? When this woman noticed that her daughter was not experiencing her usual level of pep, she did not pay very much attention to the situation. But once she took notice of the strange marking on her neck, she knew that things had gotten much more serious.

Pantera Mayhill was just any other typical 14 year old girl. However, when she began to experience constant thirst, mood swings and headaches, she had no idea what was wrong. As soon as the aforementioned ring appeared around her neck, it became obvious that something serious was taking place. Once she talked it over with her parents, they agreed that it was time to see a doctor.

When she and her mother finally visited the doctor, they let the physician know that the dark ring was their main area of concern. The headaches and thirst were not enough to spur them into action and if not for the dark ring, they may have never taken the time to seek assistance. While the mother thought the mark may have been caused by dirt, the true reason was far more severe.

Pantera’s examination revealed that her body had stopped producing insulin in the proper manner. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and while this condition is certainly easily treatable, early diagnosis. Dark rings like Pantera’s take place when the body’s insulin receptors grow in an unusual manner and start to change color.

If this mother had not taken her child to the doctor in time, there is no telling what would have happened. Type 2 diabetes can lead to a wide range of more severe health problems when it is not treated in a timely manner. Now that Pantera has been made aware of her condition, she is taking the proper steps to remedy it and we urge all of our readers to take a moment to pass this story along to increase awareness.

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