Mom Refuses To Teach Her 5-Year-Old Son How to Read. But Many Parents Agree With Her Reasoning

When it comes to raising children, everyone has their own point of view and these types of discussions can get overly contentious if all parties involved are not truly careful. However, most parents can agree on the factors that are most important to their child’s upbringing, as all children need to grow up in an environment that is conducive to their education, safety and health.

These ideas may seem simple enough, but every parent is going to have their own interpretation of how these ideas should be implemented. Crystal Lowery is a comedienne and when she shared her unique take on the matter, she received a great deal of push back from other parents who did not find themselves agreeing with the musings that she had to provide on the matter.

While she believes in teaching children how to read, she has yet to teach her five year old how to do so. She read books to her little boy all of the time, but she does not believe that it is important for him to know how to read so early in life. In her mind, there are a wide range of other crucial issues to be addressed before she tackles the task of teaching him reading skills.

This may seem reasonable enough to some readers, but for the more opinionated types out there, this was a cause for attack. She was bombarded with negative commentary and while this is understandable on a certain level, every parent is free to raise their child as they see fit. There are certain basic needs that must be addressed and everything else is definitely negotiable…in a relative sense.

Crystal is focusing on the things that are important to her as a parent. She is teaching her son how to be kind and how to build things. She also feels that is crucial for her son to learn the value of apologizing and forgiving. He is not going to walk into school on the first day of kindergarten as an experienced reader, but he will have other life skills that are just as pivotal.

These parenting methods might come across of being unorthodox to other parents, but there is no reason why we should allow ourselves to become overly judgmental at moments like these. Where do you stand when it comes to Crystal’s parenting style? Do you agree or disagree? This story is bound to spark some debate, so be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.

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