Mom Secretly Films Dentist After She Hears Screams, What He Does To Children Is Horrible

Dr. Harold Schneider has come under a great deal of fire in recent years and the Jacksonville dentist is perturbing parents with his methods. Numerous parents have complained that their children experienced mistreatment at the hands of this dentist. Can you believe that one of his young patients arrived needing all of one tooth pulled, only for Dr. Harold to pull EIGHT instead?!

This dentist is an older man with some decidedly outdated methods for treating patients. Dr. Harold is 78 years old and still sees nothing wrong with using a papoose board. Instead of providing the children with the anesthetic that they need, he straps them down to the aforementioned board. A secretly recorded cell phone even shows one child screaming in agony as he works.

This sadistic doctor would hurt children during the appointments and even though they were leaving his office with bruises and other unexplained injuries, they were encouraged to clam up. The doctor was clearly afraid of the repercussions that would take place as a result of his monstrous actions. Angry parents and lawsuits started to pile up. While most doctors would be apologetic about these sorts of matters, this man was not.

Rather than make the necessary changes to his dentistry practices, the doctor incurred a number of lawsuits because of his unlawful behavior. Thanks to the pressure of these lawsuits and the pressure placed on him by the aforementioned parents, Dr. Schneider finally closed his practice two years ago and we are thankful that he can no longer inflict pain on his impressionable parents.

If you need further proof of this dentist being unfit to practice medicine for any reason, this secret recording offers all of the evidence necessary. Parents have a responsibility to make sure that their children receive the best possible medical service and there is no reason why a parent should ever make the mistake of assuming that a dentist automatically has their family’s best interests at heart.

Please share this story to raise necessary awareness about the existence of these types of medical professionals. If we all come together and remain vocal about people like this, the medical community can finally be rid of these menaces and parents will be able to rest far more easily than they ever could before. Pass this video along to your closest friends and family members today.

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