Mom Shocked When Doberman Grabs Daughter And Throws Her Like A Rag Doll, Then She Sees His Foot

While some parents attempt to strike a balance between their pets and their little ones are often forced to choose between the two when they do not get along as planned, the mother in this story (who is named Catherine) had a more positive realization as the result of her Doberman’s shocking actions.

The Doberman behaved in a manner that was initially deemed to be aggressive and even though some parents might have tried to get rid of the animal as soon as possible, it turns out that his motives were actually pure and that he had the child’s best interests at heart the entire time.

Our four legged friend is named Khan and he comes from an abusive background where he has been horribly mistreated. His life was so miserable prior to his adoption, the idea of putting him down for good and ending his suffering was discussed openly.

Four days after Catherine’s family brought him home, he was seen grabbing onto their 1 year old daughter Charlotte and tossing her like a rag doll. Some skeptics might believe that the dog was attacking an innocent child and may have gotten rid of him immediately.

However, Khan was merely moving the child out of the way of a dangerous snake and shielding her from its presence. The king brown snake is one of the world’s most venomous and by stepping into the line of fire, he saved Charlotte’s life.

He received a much needed anti venom shot just in time and he is now also receiving a much needed second chance at life. We are happy to see that at least one family was willing to give Khan the benefit of the doubt and we wish them a long and happy life together.

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